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IMT Hydroplex Series

Ultra High Purity Hydrogen Generator

IMT Hydroplex Series are simple, less expensive and less complex approach to supplying hydrogen for laboratory and scientific applications.

For laboratory and scientific needs, hydrogen is used as an ultra high purity fuel and reducing agent. IMT patented solid polymeric membrane (SPM) electrolysis technology produces dry and pure hydrogen (99.9999%) without the need for mechanical compression, eliminating the need for high pressure liquid hydrogen tanks or compressed gas storage.


Product Overview

  • Compact, silence and Plug and Play System

  • Robust and efficient 24/7 operation

  • 0-7 bar within 10 min (Fastest Hydrogen Produced)

  • Explosion Proof Certified (Atex and CE mark)

  • Minimal Maintenance with excellent product quality

  • Required from > 5-10 mohm water quality

  • Water level alarm

  • N-networking with Canbus available

  • 2 years Global Warranty

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