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IMT Simplex EVOSeries Nitrogen Generator

IMT GasGen GmbH nitrogen gas generators employ robust, field proven technology to meet the drying, sheath and nebulisation gas requirements of today’s high end laboratory instrumentation. The Generators are controlled using the latest in HMI touch screen technology to display the process in real time.

Product Overview

Simplex EVO Series Nitrogen Gas Generator range from IMT GasGen products is your reliable and efficient alternative to conventional high pressure cylinder and liquid gas supplies. Taking away the on-going costs, safety considerations and transportation of traditional gas supplies, the Simplex EVO series on-site Nitrogen systems are some of the most advanced and intelligent available. The control system gives the user all the information necessary to ensure an efficient and consistant supply of gas is always available. From the process to flow and alarms, including auto-start / stop function, service alarm and service records page, there is simply no other laboratory nitrogen system quite like Simplex EVO.

Product Description

  • Nitrogen (99.9%)
  • UHP (Ultra High Purity) - Pure Nitrogen (99.999%)
  • Flow rate from 1Liter/min to 82Liter/min

Features and Benefits

  • Built in with Oil-Free silent compressor
  • Dual layer sound proof casing
  • Membrane Guard Technology (enhance membrane life-span more than 3 years)
  • HMI Color Touch Screen with data logging and Trouble-Shooting Guide
  • Phthalates Free with Constant Nitrogen Flow
  • Oxygen Analyzer with High Efficiency Galvanic Sensor
  • CO Mode enable with 55% lesser operation (during standby)
  • Can Bus, Digital I/O and 4-20mA Ready for future-up grade

Compact Design

  • Integral compressor and storage tank in a single unit
  • Constant Nitrogen Flow (internal storage tank)
  • Corrosion Free-Aluminum Extrusion Tank with Alu-Coat™
  • Fitted with caster for easy maneuver
  • Fits Below Bench Top


  • LC/MS Instruments - LCMS/MS, LCMS API, LCMS APCI, TOF, Q-TOP, Triple Q, I Funnel
  • Spectroscopy - FT-IR, NMR, AAS, ICP-MS
  • Analyzer Products - TOC, THA, DSC, TGA, TOD, DMA, TMA, Co2 Analyzer
  • Other Laboratory Applications - Turbo Vaps, Rheometers Circular Diochorism, Laser Diffractions, ELSD, Sample Drying / Concentration, Modified Atmospheres, Product Blanketing, etc.

Output Quality Assured (Oxygen Analyzer fitted)

  • Maintain the gas quality at all time with Real Time Output Monitoring, Oxygen Analyzer fitted on every unit.
  • IQ, OQ, PQ certified products

Minimal Maintenance

  • Robust Design
  • 24/7 Operation
  • Failure Auto Diagnostic Features  
  • EcoSense Mode (Operation based on usage demand)
  • User Friendly Interface
  • 2 Years World Wide Warranty

For more enquiries, kindly email us at sales@imt-gasgen.com

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